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What We Do

How MV PTAC can help you

The Mahoning Valley Procurement Technical Assistance Center (MV PTAC) is a no-cost, non-profit program designed to assist local businesses in identifying available contracting opportunities within military and other federal, state and local government markets, as well as sub-contracting opportunities.

MV PTAC offers local businesses technical expertise and resources, as well as the specialized assistance, guidance and counseling necessary to enter this highly competitive marketplace. It will help your business expand its sales avenues and increase opportunities for financial growth.

MV PTAC provides no-cost assistance that can help your business:

  • market your goods and services to the military and other federal, state, and local government agencies
  • understand the basics of government contracting and marketing fundamentals
  • learn about bid solicitations, proposals and a wide variety of contracting topics
  • grow your revenues by generating sales and creating jobs

All services offered by MV PTAC are free of charge. We do require you to let us know when you receive contracts or sub-contracts so we can use the information as part of our reporting requirements for our funding.

Signing up for MV PTAC services is easy:

Step I: Register Your Company – Simply fill out the online application

Step 2: Submit your application via email to us

Step 3: Call MVPTAC to set up an appointment to review your qualifications (330-759-3668 ext 124) and ask for Norma Webb

At the review meeting, we’ll review all your qualifications and then develop a specific plan for you that will help you sell to federal, state and local government entities.

We’ll also give you a step-by-step instructions on how to submit proposals to bid on government work. And, we’ll send email updates alerting your company of other potential  government work that you qualify to bid on.

Additional Services

We can also help your firm get more government business by:

  • matching your product or service with government agencies that have contracts to let.
  • researching and finding bid notices for your product or services.
  • helping you understand what is required in your final bid package.
  • acquiring federal and military specifications and standards on your behalf that are necessary to complete a bid package.
  • helping you complete government forms, registration and certification applications.
  • market your business to potential prime contractors.
  • sharing our marketing and technical expertise in PICC workshops.
  • locating internet resource web sites.

Computerized bid-matching services

MV PTAC provides a computerized bid matching service to its clients. The searches are based on a keyword profile developed for each client that specifically describes the business’s goods and/or services.

Searches are conducted daily to find the RFQ’s (Requests for Quote) or RFP’s (Requests for Proposal) from various federal, state and local procurement sites. Those RFQ’s and RFP’s that are specific to the business are then E-mailed DAILY to the client.

Our search capabilities enable you to receive precise and timely procurement opportunities from the federal government, many state and local governments, and foreign governments as well.

Procurement sources we search daily:

  • FedBizOpps
  • DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)
  • Miscellaneous federal websites, including DoD “Blue Tops” press releases
  • State and local government websites
  • Foreign government websites